Using Voice Thread to document verbal feedback to students

As a part of my schools ongoing quest to improve standards we are looking at how feedback is given on a regular basis and in particular the quality of verbal feedback.

One of our media teachers spoke of her issues as her work is mostly digital and feedback was usually verbal and if this was to be checked she would not have the evidence of it.

One solution I thought of was to use technology to record this evidence and to attach it to her digital work.  This then led to the use of Voice Thread.Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a great online tool (also available on mobile devices)  It allows for the upload of various files for anyone to then give feedback on.  Feedback can be given as audio, text or even video.

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Simple to use you just insert the media into the page and then click comment.  the work will display on the screen and a video will record, click comment and choose your comment type and it will add into the timeline.

The real beauty of this is when you share it with others.  They can also add feedback to the video and it all gets stored on the same file and can be built on.

For example.

Take a picture of a poster that a student has created in a lesson.

Upload this to Voice Thread

Click comment

Give feedback on the work

Share the work with the student and get them to comment on your feedback.

This is almost endless in its applications in education, giving a place where staff and students can comment on work to make improvements and build a sense of collaboration into project work.  important to build in your rules of feedback first though.

Not only is this recorded to show it has been done but the impact on work could be huge.  If you look at Austins Butterfly, the power of simple but effective feedback can be seen.  This adds in an extra layer to the process as the feedback is also stored to be reviewed at any time.


Here is a link to me using Voice Thread to explain Voice Thread

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