Teaching with solo taxonomy in btec sport

Took my first dive into SOLO taxonomy today and the results were very positive. I briefly explained to the group the levels on the sheet I provided and without questioning it they took it all on board. The session was based on energy expenditure in sports. Students self assessed at the start of the session and then we began, we used group work to bring out our uni structural elements of what we knew already, this then quickly developed to multi structural as they shared their ideas. Students could see
this as they went back to their sheets to track personal progress. At this point I asked them to go back to their groups and we looked at percentage of each energy system being used by each sport, students then had to do this with the sports they had listed.
Students started to make links between different sports and the first signs of relational stage were apparent. I emphasised this to the group but assured them that this might not happen instantly for all. The next stage was the independent study, students could choose a station based on where they thought they had progressed to. These were set at different levels and enabled me to focus my attention on those at the lowest point to really enhance and focus their understanding whilst the others worked independently.
At the end of the session I set a socrative exit quiz to check understanding, in general the results showed that they understood some of the concept but not all, this can now impact my planning for the next session.
If you haven’t tried this already, I urge you to, it really is useful
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