Thanks for the inspiration Austin! Reflections on #ADE2018

So another Worldwide Institute for ADEs comes to an end and yet again I leave inspired and energised to take the challenge of transforming learning and teaching ever forward.

This year the clear focus was on Creativity, but for Apple this is nothing new, its just a great time with new tools to really bring the creativity to everyone.  The hashtag #Everyonecancreate was alive this last week with amazing ideas for how technology can change the possible learning outcomes in the classroom, if you only think about it in a new way, with the possibilities that technology brings.

We spent the week sharing stories in both formal and informal ways of the things that we do as educators to make a difference, to engage learners and give ALL students a voice, to allow them to share knowledge in a way that suits them and change the perception of the traditional classroom.

As always the take homes are vast, ideas, collaborations and projects that will keep my mind busy for a long time, opportunities to work with educators from around the world to develop those initial ideas.  I would say that my love of providing alternative ways to share learning has gone into overdrive as we explored new possibilities with iPad and the drawing tools.  One new skill learnt was around animating images as draw pictures, not only does it look really cool but it opens up a whole new way of sharing student knowledge.  Here is my early attempt.

Animation drawing in Keynote

The process is fairly simple,

Using Clips, choose the ink filter.

Then film something in motion.

Save the video to camera roll.

Go through the video by scrolling through as opposed to playing it (use the slider bar at the bottom)

Take a screen shot every few frames.

Open Keynote

Select all of the images then drag and drop into Keynote to create a new deck with an image on each slide

Now use the Pencil to draw around the key parts of the image on each slide

Delete the original image

Export as a Movie


click hero’s quick guide 

I was inspired by so many versions of this, changing colours on each slide, adding in lettering too.  Simply search #Everyonecancreate to see what others are doing.  Shout out to Ben Mountz, Wes Molyneaux, Kelly Croy, Mia  Morrison Adam Torrens and all of the others for inspiring.

We also got to look at projects that mobilise a message to get others to be creative, I cant wait to see what the other 370 ADEs come up with, mine is a basic guide to Sketchnoting, looking at some of the tips that were shared with me during the week and also my own experience of feeling like I cant draw and how I use the tools to overcome that.

One of the many highlights was the ability to talk to the Apple teams that design and market the apps that allow the creativity, to share what we create as educators and learn new techniques, its a great chance to give direct feedback on things that could be even better and really shows how much Apple support education and the desire to help learners.

Something I will be developing further this year is the links in Higher Ed with fellow ADEs around the world, hearing their stories of how their institutions have used technology to really transform learning opportunities has made me consider my future plans in my own institution, hearing the disappointment from fellow educators about the changes to our accreditation made me realise the impact we were having vault also made me realise that this could prove to be the ignition to create something brand new and fresh in the market, something that really meets the needs of a modern day educator.  I cant wait to collaborate with colleagues from around the world on this.  After a year of having students create their own eBooks to share their Action Enquiry and completing our summer project,but this is simply a start point.

Tap here to download the Creativity in the Classroom eBook

So its been less than 24hrs but the work starts now, gonna be a busy summer but cant wait to get started and share the progress.

Love you my ADE family, continue all the great work you do, its great to make dents in the Universe with all you Crazy Ones

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