Book creator app inspiring learning and learners.

I have used book creator for a number of years and it has always been a great tool both for me as a teacher and for use with my students.

It allows for creativity in a number of ways and also supports me as a teacher with resource creation.

As a PE teacher I started using it to create my own text books to support learners.  The main reason for this was due to the ability to add in video and audio to support students with their learning.  These books could then be shared with the students so that they could use these in their own time to develop their understanding of the topics we were looking at.



When we had iPad devices in the school a whole new opportunity arose as the students could then use the app themselves to create their own books.

What I love about Book Creator is that you can create your content in any app you want and then bring that content into the app to make it into an ebook, sovaldi sale documenting a learning journey or demonstrating understanding.

When I have delivered training to other teachers they have instantly been impressed with the app.  The best thing that comes out of the sessions is that every teacher sees it in a different way, as a solution to any number of projects that they may have had.

Some ideas teachers have shared

Documenting school trips

Keeping learning logs for students

Student e portfolios

Class text ebook

Planning eBooks for staff

How to guides

Digital storytelling

These are just a few ideas and I am sure you will have many more.

The key thing is, it is very easy to use but the impact on learning can be huge.  think about the impact on a child when they create their own interactive book and have the opportunity to develop it into a book that can be shared with a wider audience than just their classroom.

The added benefit to this app is that its creators can firmly see the educational benefits of their app and have kept it as an extremely usable tool whilst they develop its possibilities.

Whatever age of the child it has a use, from a 4 year old adding in their drawings or first attempts at writing, to educators using it to support EAL students with school made text books.

This is definitely an app you should have on your device.

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