Apple Edu 2018. AR in education

Within the Apple Keynote in March, there was a significant mention of Augmented Reality. A few apps were introduced that showed huge potential for schools and will hopefully pave the way for more developers to consider how this technology can be used to enhance learning.

Here is a brief response to the three that were shown on stage.

WWF Free Rivers.

This AR experience allows the user to explore how rivers form and the impact of various things on the local habitat. You can explore the entire river by getting in close with the device and there are also layers of a ‘story’ that help users explore the impact of building dams etc.

Where I deliver science to trainee teachers, I can already see the applications of this app. Exploring flooding, looking at the impact of water cycles. The app could be used to provide a voice over from a screen recording of a students own exploration of the image. You could even use it to tell a story of a journey down the river.



This app allows you to explore the frog in a lot of detail. In many schools the idea os dissection can be costly and messy. This can be replaced by using this app to explore the anatomy of the frog. A visual way to explore the change from a tadpole to a frog, explore the frog in AR and the ability to dissect it.



In the classroom I can see this being a great tool to explore processes in science that are not always possible, but also to use as inspiration for storytelling.

Boulevard AR

Going to an Art gallery is not always possible for schools and even if you do go, the experience is limited due to how close you might be able to get to the pictures. This app allows you to bring pictures into any room you like. When it loads up you get to explore the image from any angle and it even talks through the different parts of the image.

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