What if……? #adedu

I have been thinking about this post for some time now.  Reading other peoples frustrations with education and also seeing the amazing things that educators are trying to do makes m think that there is something really wrong with education in the UK.

So what if we could change it?

I would love to see a system where children are able to express their own thoughts and feelings and not have to fit into the box created by the Government that says they are smart. I know lots of A grade students that can not think for themselves and lots of D grade students that are imaginative, creative and real world thinkers.  If you judge them by their grades then this would not make sense.

In a world where things are changing rapidly, why do we want children to repeat to us the correct answer?  Surely by allowing them to think for themselves and come up with alternatives, that is how we can make the world a better place.

I was chatting with some friends recently about this and the conclusion was that the system looks after itself.  If you give freedom of expression, how do you judge who is better than who?  If a child can show their knowledge in any way that helps them share their thoughts then how is it easy to mark?  But is this not all messed up?

Students are being told they are wrong because the answer they give is not the answer set out by the examiners, it may be right but if it isn’t the desired answer, then it is WRONG.

It seems that the majority will say “that is how it’s always been” but that does not make it right.

You look at the things that students can do that are not assessed, as parents we are really proud of them, but by the time they sit a GCSE we seem to forget that and focus on the things someone else says is important.  A grades, 5 A-C, Level 5 and so on.  We then lose sight of what makes our children the individuals they are, and they seem to lose sight of their unique talents.

Children need to solve problems, they need to fail and try again, to try a new way to change the outcome, to express their thoughts, to try new things, to find new answers.  Does the system allow for this?

It seems that the system is designed to help those at the top, to be able to compare our system to others around the world, or a school against another school, or a department to another department, or a child against a child.

What if the system was designed to help children be the best at what they are best at being……. different


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