My solo challenge

After some initial attempts at using SOLO taxonomy at the end of last year I decided to keep this up this year. I spent a lot of time reading posts and blogs from @learningspy @dockers_hoops @mrtomgarner the list could go on and on.
As I have new groups I used a few of the solo hot maps to introduce how we assess in Btec, mind this proved really successful and instantly gave me an overview of the different levels of the group.
Following this it was used again as a worksheet for students to do some independent learning working their way down the stages developing their understanding of the components of fitness. Students had to assess what they currently knew then in groups expand their knowledge. The students then worked towards making links between the components and a chosen sport.
Still making small footsteps in the field but it really makes a difference and the students are responding really well.

I have even started trying to spread the word and get other members of staff trying it out, sovaldi this proves tricky when you are fairly new to it yourself but helps me to develop my own understanding at the same time

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