Early steps in teacher training

So I am nearly 1 month into my new job in Higher Education working with BEd students in Teacher Training and it’s safe to say it has been a real whirlwind, but I am enjoying every minute of it.

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I really missed the classroom and in just this short time back I have realised why.  Being able to really engage with the students and help them develop their thoughts and understanding is so rewarding.

The other thing I was really passionate about is making a change to systems and structures so that learning was the central thing.  I have started to look at ways of doing this and have started building iTunes U courses to support the various areas of learning our students will need to study.

I had a great meeting today with a lady from another faculty though and that is where things really got interesting.  We were discussing Digital Competency and both our sets of students needing a real knowledge to help them going forward.  Our plan is to make an eBook now, complete with the academic theory that underpins the use of technology in the classroom, some instructional tools to support students in developing their knowledge and some case studies to give real examples of where it is working well.  This cross faculty approach is really exciting and reminds me of the projects I was doing whilst back in school.  Very exciting and transformational.

We also discussed using iTunes U across the two faculties to help students.  She looks a lot at the academic side of teaching where as I will be looking at the practical application.  Both sets of students however will benefit from both areas so we will be creating joint courses to really equip our students with the most information.

With digital competency being so high on the agenda we have a real opportunity here to embed the roots right at the start of the teachers career.  Watch this space……….

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