Can you be too young to start?

Being a champion of technology to support learning I want to support teachers and students in using technology to enhance their educational experience.

As a parent though is my view the same with my own child?

Simple answer YES.

I have a 5 year old little boy, he loves school and he loves learning.  What will change over time with that though?  At what point does school become a foreign place in his life, one that no longer becomes a fun environment and is more about testing than it is learning?

We have started looking at learning for life at home, how can he find out new things, how can he document what he does (at this point just to share with Granma)  He desperately wants to know everything, he has a passion to learn but he doesn’t yet see it as learning, it is still just play to him.

So what do we do at home to help him?

We have started using 2 apps to enable him to demonstrate what he has learnt, to develop his ability to explain things and share his voice.  Shadow Puppet and Book Creator are the two apps we are using.

He uses Shadow Puppet as a tool to explain things that he is doing, when he makes some cakes or a model for school, he looks through the pictures taken of him doing it and then adds his explanation over the top.  We can then share that with his Grandparents and even school, this way we are building on the home-school link to support his development.

Here is a couple of examples

Max materials homework from Mat Pullen on Vimeo.


We have also started using Book Creator to support his homework.  Once he completes some homework we take some pictures and he puts them in his homework eBook, he then adds in his voice talking about what he has done.  We are doing this to build a digital record of his progress, so he can see clearly how much he is learning.  The really supportive thing for me is that it appeals to him.  He loves seeing peoples reactions to the things he does and he always tries his best when he knows others will see it.  In this way of doing things at home he really is doing his best work, and when he doesn’t I can show him examples straight away of what his best work does look like and he quickly tries a bit harder.

Here is one of his pages


In this way, children already have a passion for learning and it stretches beyond the school, embedding a sense of learning in their life.

You are never too young to start.


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