PESS. What’s it all about?

This January I had the opportunity to start a secondment with the PE and School Sport team (PESS) working across both the Central South and South East areas of Wales. This opportunity came about from the work I had been doing in my school as well as the work had been sharing on my blog and on twitter. The majority of this work was centred around the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning and ways in which PE could support whole school numeracy and literacy.

I now have the awesome task of working with an inspirational team of people in the shared goal of promoting the diverse value of PE to students and to the whole school.

Projects that I am running with as part of the team are diverse but really rewarding.

In a snapshot.

I am working with a group of sixth form students to support them in delivering an Aqua Dragons course to Y6 pupils. The sixth form students have had training in Dragon Multi Skills and are now engaging disadvantaged students in the swimming pool and building their self esteem and confidence. Once the initial trust is built up this project will be moving into impacting on the students numeracy and literacy needs.

I am in the stages of setting up a project looking at how the iPad can impact on learning opportunities in PE, to see the impact on both literacy and numeracy through PE teaching methods, the attainment of students and their engagement in PE.

I am also getting involved with current projects on numeracy and literacy through PE across a cluster of schools, both primary and secondary.

The team is also putting on a teachmeet on the 13th March(more details coming soon) where we will be sharing the great things that are going on across schools in our areas and in July we will be putting on a conference to really showcase what is going on.

These are just the things I am part of. The team is really pushing the PE agenda forward with the support of the schools and making a real difference in how PE is viewed.

I have learnt so much in just a few days that have helped develop me and my future practice, the networks of schools and how working in this way really changes students opportunities. The use of students as role models to younger pupils. The huge impact that PE can have on whole school needs is huge if supported and developed by a team.

I can’t wait to develop these projects further and continue to make a difference.

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