PESS conference 2014

So the day finally arrived and all of the planning and preparations were in place for the show piece event.  It was a great opportunity to share the amazing work that is being carried out in schools across South Wales supported by the PE and School Sport team.

The conference opened with Savage skills showing us their Physical Literacy on the stage with some amazing skills on BMX and trial bikes.  This was a great opening display but did not stand alone.  The skills display was a direct link to the project being run by Beverly Symonds and myself.  The work done at Rhymney Comprehensive is to engage students in PE through alternative sports and activities.  The launch of this being a stunt display followed by a training activity looking at bike skills.


Following the formal introductions to the conference is was straight into the day full of workshops, sale sharepoints and teachmeets.  These sessions ranged from literacy, advice numeracy and innovation to well being and closing the gap.  This highlighted the massive amount of impact that PE can have on whole school priorities to engage and enthuse students.  In each session staff were recalling their projects and highlighting the impact that Physical Literacy was having on the students, raising attainment, confidence, attendance, etc etc.


In total there were 53 individual sessions running throughout the day that the 242 delegates were able to choose to take part in.

Projects that PESS had set up and supported were being shown by the teachers that had put them in place, these real examples of how Physical Literacy could impact on students were inspiring others to replicate a similar model in their own school, adapting the project to meet their own learners.

Throughout the day you could sense a real buzz in the conference as staff were discussing the potential for their schools.  Projects on sports journalism, active numeracy, the use of mountain bikes and outdoor learning, were all being shared.  This was not just a conference for a few PE hard liners.  Delegates included Headteachers, Senior management, Secondary, Primary, Governing bodies and many others, all coming together to see what PESS was all about.

The day ended with some extremely motivating and inspiring speeches that led us to our legacy commitment. Using the hashtag #PhyslitPledge we asked teachers to commit to something they would take away and put in place in their own school.

We will also be releasing an iTunes u course and eBook to accompany the conference to ensure there is a legacy.

If you want to find out more on the great work of PESS follow us on twitter @PESSTEAMS

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