Solo taxonomy in BTEC Sport

Solo taxonomy is a way of explaining to students how they take single ideas and can develop them through different stages. The stages are; Prestructural, students don’t know anything about the topic Unistructural, students know one thing about the topic Multi structural, students know several things about the topic Relational, students can make the links between their learning to make sense of it Extended abstract, students can take all this knowledge and use it to explain other parts of their learning. For example Today I taught 2 sessions using this method, the first was a way to introduce the different vocabulary used when marking BTEC, the second was a way of getting students to make the relationship between components of fitness and different sports. Here is how the second session went. Students were asked to write down what components of fitness they knew (uni structural). They then filled in their gaps by grouping up and working out what was missing, they filled in their sheets and checked understanding with their peers. (multi structural) Groups then worked together to make the relationship between the components of fitness a sport of their choice. They looked at how the component impacted on the sport and whether any of the components were linked together to benefit the elite performer (relational) We did not get to the extended abstract as this was for their assignment. Students really engaged in the session and demonstrated a really good understanding of the components and how they related to each other to make the elite athlete.

Loads of great practitioners doing this, search for #solo on twitter

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