Ofsted and competitive sport a response

So apparently there is an issue in state schools whereby PE is not giving enough competitive activity to students and therefore failing the system!

State pupils denied competitive sport says Ofsted

In response

When I first started teaching PE 12 years ago there was lots of competition, both in lessons and after school.  Children were encouraged to take part and staff enjoyed working the long hours to accommodate this.

So what has changed?

It seems ironic that Ofsted are declaring that there is an issue yet not realising that they may be a part of the issue.  In my short career I have seen the system change numerous times, the level of scrutiny increase, the pressure on teachers to increase, the pressure on students has increased.  5A-C grades, Level 5 by end of KS3, extra maths, extra English etc etc.  Standardised lessons seemed to be the flavour at one point, 4 part lesson plans, Ofsted grading, marking, feedback scrutiny, meetings and then another meeting about the meeting.

So when exactly are PE teachers meant to fit in the competitive sport that they once did?

It takes someone to notice that as long as you treat PE in the same way as a classroom subject you will take away the thing that makes it stand apart.  PE teachers used to give up the time as they rarely had the marking to do, it was an unwritten pay off.  Every evening would be filled encouraging students to come along and take part in teams.  At the same time students are under more and more pressure to meet the school targets and so have extra sessions after school to improve levels in all subjects.  When do they have time for competitive activity?  In my last couple of years of teaching I would have at least 2 meetings a week, some based in PE but often whole school type meetings that met the needs of the majority, but took away the needs of the students.  That contact time, the chance to express themselves through activity.  That is what helps them enjoy and engage in school and want to learn more.

The reason things have changed Ofsted, is that you have changed them.

Lets look beyond these factors.  The report also states that

“It finds “unacceptable discrepancies” where fewer than one in 10 pupils in England attend fee-paying schools but privately educated athletes make up the majority of players in rugby union’s English Premiership and more than a third in top-level cricket.”

What did the government do with funding for school sport?????????

Its not as simple as Ofsted may make out,

Oh and making students be competitive, surely its more about being active than simply winning?

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