My SOLO journey in PE 1

This school year my first quest was to try to continue using SOLO but to expand the use in practical PE session.

I have been in lots of training sessions and feel comfortable in the basic use of the taxonomy, I have read Pam Hook’s book and used her website and resources, so I feel well equipped to give it a go.

The real test came with the formal observation from my line manager and SLT.  Would it pass the Ofsted test?

So a bit of background.

I first introduced my y7 class to SOLO in a gymnastics session, this was part of the Y7 baseline testing scheme so was only a single session.  The students responded really well to the use of the vocabulary and all students made excellent progress based on their own assessment at the start of the lesson.

We then moved on to basketball.  In the first session we looked at ball handling and the students broke down the skill into small teaching points.  We then worked to build up the skill working our way along the SOLO vocab.  The results were good, students could easily measure their progress and we linked the learning to the levels that we use to assess the students, the SOLO words were linked to things such as being consistent and helping others.

So to the observation lesson.

Having spoken to Ben Leonard on twitter i was able to get clear in my head how I was using SOLO and was reassured that I was not over complicating things.  The plan for this session was to introduce layups.

I laced the SOLO images on the wall, set the learning objectives and then asked the students to put their name on a post it and place it where they thought they were.  i then questioned them to check their self assessment was accurate.  We then watched a video of someone doing a layup,attempted some shots ourselves and then looked at what the key skills may be.

At this point students were clearly at the Uni and Multi structural stage.  We then discussed how to make the next step.  This allowed the class to easily differentiate themselves, they knew where they were and had targets to get to the next stage.  We worked in pairs then to peer assess technique based on the multi structural key skills identified.  To move to the relational level they had to start showing consistency in the layup, to get to extended abstract they could either analyse others to help them improve or could try adapting the skill based on different situations.

The students worked really well throughout the session and are now using the vocabulary in lessons and can easily identify where they need to move to in lessons.

Below is a quick video of the SOLO images and post its

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