Mountain bikes, disengaged pupils and GoPro cameras

This week sees a colleague of mine @beverleysymonds launch an exciting project to look at the engagement of pupils in activity.  Though many pupils enjoy playing team games and other ‘traditional’ sports, there are those that just do not enjoy that.

The Mountain bike project (led by the PESS team) came about as a way of trying to engage students in taking part in activity, these students may ordinarily have avoided PE, forgot kit or faked injuries.  We were both inspired by the video below, we wanted students to gain basic biking skills but to be excited about what they were doing.

As I like to look at how technology can enhance the learning experience I looked at how we could use the GoPro camera to bring in some other learning skills and develop the activity.  Trying to keep up with what children are into these days, I thought that if they could create their own action sequences then it may further support the engagement but also allow for some further development of literacy.

The idea is for students to wear the camera whilst their partner uses the GoPro app on the iPad to take some recordings of what is being done.  The set up between the devices is really simple, whilst the wearer of the camera needs to just focus on the activity, the partner can see live footage streamed to the app and can choose what to record or to take pictures.  Once all the footage is on the iPad it can then be edited into a sequence and shared to youtube.

To develop this further the footage could easily be paired with a commentary created by the students, thus adding in some literacy links.  Thinking about how to describe what is taking place to create an instructional video or making a marketing type video and therefore changing the use of language.

I will update this blog as the project gets underway, my focus will be on how the GoPro can support learning.

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