iTunes U supporting PE

I have been using iTunes U for a while now and it is proving to be a great support in both the classroom and as a CPD tool.

I wanted to have a look at how this process works and how it could be used in PE departments (or any subject)

First ting to say here is that due to the vast number of apps available on the device it is sometimes impossible to have them all on your device and have storage left for content creation.  One really easy solution to this and a great way to organise the pedagogy behind the use of those apps is to use iTunes U as a personal tool.  By creating a course with sections for different teaching and learning needs, viagra sale you can really plan out the use of each app and how it fits in.  You then also have a place to get those apps when you need them rather than storing endless apps on your device.

This same process then can be rolled out as a CPD tool across your department or even school.  This would enable users to look at what is successful and think about how they could adapt the use to support their own classroom.

If you are fortunate enough to have a 1:1 environment then iTunes U is a must have, store as a course structure tool it is invaluable.  Again though it would be a useful place to build a simple course as a school to share specific apps with students that match their learning styles.   This would support them in selecting apps that they would benefit from and save time in just searching for different apps.

I have created a few of these courses, both for internal CPD use as well as to support the delivery of external training.  They have proved to be really useful and of course as things develop over time, they are instantly updateable.

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