Digital leaders of learning.

This week we finished our leaders of learning course. The course, capsule funded through the South Wales PLPS (physical literacy) team, was designed in collaboration with Aspire2Be to develop leaders in the use of technology in PE.
Over the past 3 months we have been looking at how technology can be integrated into school life to support learning and not become simply ICT in a PE lesson.
After each session we set the group a task of trying out their new skills in their own school.
This approach to our training supports the legacy of the training by encouraging staff to trial technology in lessons and too share the learning with other members of the team.
Over the course we looked at strategic implementation of the technology, as well as apps that support teaching and learning in all subject but with a PE focus.
We also looked at e safety concerns as well as the development of digital leaders to support the process.
Apps we looked at were
Red Laser
Shadow Puppet
We also used iTunes U as a platform to support the course, all of the links and presentations were included and we used the discussions board to support the project work when teachers were back in school.
The whole course was a great success with some excellent feedback from the staff. All of the schools were really making roads in the use of technology that will be integrated throughout the departments.
With the recent Donaldson Report on Welsh curriculum review these schools are in a really healthy position with regards digital competency across the curriculum as well as having developed some excellent leaders to move learning forward.

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