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I have been looking at the Homeroom app for a few days now and have to say that it is a great little tool for schools to share the day to day things that are going on in the classroom.
Its simplicity is probably the greatest thing about it.
The teacher simply creates a class and then sends an invite to the class to the parents via an email.
So what does it do.
In its simplest form it allows the teacher to take pictures and video of what takes place in the classroom, once it has been uploaded in the app it is available to view by anyone that has been asked to join. You can even add in notes to explain things.
Lots of schools ae starting to use Twitter for this but some schools are still a bit wary of social media and this provides a really clever way to solve that issue.
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The uses are endless, as a Parent I would love to see the day to day things my boy does, especially when he goes off on trips. I understand however though that it isn’t always that easy to do this as a teacher. this app however makes it a really simple process.
Here is the link to their site to find out more.

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/mye5clr

2 thoughts on “Homeroom app for Schools and Parents

  • Joel Bevans

    Useful tool maybe. However the teacher is doing the hardwork by uploading videos and photos. This takes time. How about using Google + photos as a way of photos and videos being uploaded automatically then get children to sort photos to put in their own separate folders which is shared with parents. Let the children do the heavy work with photos and videos. Comments can still be made by parents, teachers and children

    • Mat Post author

      Yeah, agree that is a nice way to organise. This is more for reception/ Year 1 students that may not have those skills. Really thinking about helping parents see day to day activity to help ease anxiety etc, rather than a journal of work.
      Thanks for replying.

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