Digital Parent? iPad supporting homework

For a while now I have been thinking about how best to support my 5 year old at home.  His school does amazing things and sends home fun homeworks but it has often been the case that when Max gets stuck on things I want his teacher to know where he struggles, that way the homework adds to his learning journey.

To that end we used the iPad to record his thoughts and the processes he went through.  We then created a blog to store all of his work, this was a great way to not only share it with school but also his grandparents.

We started with simple photos and recorded his voice over using Shadow Puppet.  This really helped his confidence in talking out loud and supported his literacy (without having to explicitly teach it)

So with everything going well I decided to create an eBook to help other parents.  The main point being to get involved in the child’s learning and have some fun, making homework less of a chore.  There are lots of things you can do on an iPad to make learning fun.

The Digital Parent eBook is now available on the iBookstore and there is an iTunes U course to go alongside it.

Download the book here.

And get the iTunes U course following this link.

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