In 1997 Apple launched their new advertising campaign titled Think Different.  It was aimed at the people that used Apple products as the ones that were creators, as Apple called them, “the crazy ones’. As I look at education now and the influx of technology I can see a whole […]

Do you really “think different”?

This week we finished our leaders of learning course. The course, capsule funded through the South Wales PLPS (physical literacy) team, was designed in collaboration with Aspire2Be to develop leaders in the use of technology in PE. Over the past 3 months we have been looking at how technology can […]

Digital leaders of learning.

Digital literacy is fast becoming a key ingredient to a child’s education.  Not by any means the most important but definitely a necessity to help them in the ever developing digital world.  It is no longer good enough that a child can use word or powerpoint, it simply isn’t that […]

Digital Literacy, or is it?

Lots of schools are now investing in technology, viagra they can see how that is the way the world is moving and that this technology is in the hands of children anyway, decease so why not embrace it in education. One thing to think about though is the use of […]

Teaching & Learning & Technology

This week saw the launch of a great collection of lesson ideas direct from Apple Distinguished Educators around the world. The idea behind these courses is to give learners more independence in their studies and to support them in every aspect of the learning process. The courses provide a structure […]

Organic PE on iTunes U

So it’s that time of year again, a chance to reflect on the year gone by and set some targets that I hope to achieve in the new year. First a little reflection on last years post. Next year will be my real ground breaker.  I am full of ideas […]

The journey continues #nurture1415

There are so many amazing teachers that I have had the benefit to work with in education.  So many of them are 100% dedicated to providing the very best opportunities to the students in their classes. As a trainer I have had the great pleasure to work with even more […]

The education lottery?

Part of the UPBEAT programme with Aspire2Be is the workflow involved in setting tasks and getting the work back from students. When using digital technology this can be made really simple and transformative through the use of Showbie. Through our training with schools across Neath Port Talbot we have already […]

Digital homework through Showbie.

I wrote a post back in the summer about my early impressions of Google Classroom. At the time I was really impressed with what was on offer. I have been using it now for a couple of months and I have to say that I am even more clear on […]

Why Google Apps for Education? – Google Classroom!

I have been using augmented reality for a while now. It is a great tool to engage learners, especially with literacy. My tool of choice for this is Layar, I find the ability to create the AR and change it regularly makes it a great tool for the classroom. I […]

Augmented Reality in Education

Being a champion of technology to support learning I want to support teachers and students in using technology to enhance their educational experience. As a parent though is my view the same with my own child? Simple answer YES. I have a 5 year old little boy, he loves school […]

Can you be too young to start?

I had the opportunity to get hold of Google Classroom this week and early impressions are very good. I have long been a Google Apps user as they are extremely useful in supporting collaboration and with the online storage and access there is no excuse for not having access to […]

Google Classroom, my early thoughts.

Recently I have been inspired by listening to some great speakers at some of the Apple events I have been privileged to attend.  Bill Rankin in particular spoke a lot of sense and it got me thinking about how education needs to adapt to the changing world. The traditional style […]

Changing focus? Content, context and creation. #adedu

So over the week we took part in field trips, viagra order case looking at scientific studies, ampoule story telling, conservation etc.  We were Citizen Scientists and in the role of learners for the week. To support this study we were asked to download the ADE iTunes U course and […]

One thing to take from #ADE2014

As the institute drew to a close it was extremely hard not to be moved by some of the learning stories we were hearing from the other ADE’s but today the showcases started and up on stage were 16 amazing stories of how technology was being used to really transform […]

#ADE2014 This is real learning! Part 3