So I am nearly 1 month into my new job in Higher Education working with BEd students in Teacher Training and it’s safe to say it has been a real whirlwind, but I am enjoying every minute of it. I really missed the classroom and in just this short time […]

Early steps in teacher training

So as another year draws to a close it’s a great time to reflect on things. I started the year working with Aspire2Be as the Programme manager.  My job was to organise and craft the training for teachers that needed support in using digital technology In the classroom.  My goal […]

Looking back and looking forward. #adedu

I have been thinking about this post for some time now.  Reading other peoples frustrations with education and also seeing the amazing things that educators are trying to do makes m think that there is something really wrong with education in the UK. So what if we could change it? […]

What if……? #adedu

A new year sees a new opportunity to inspire young minds, for sale in my case one 6 year old young mind.  He is doing well in school but is still struggling with his literacy and in particular his extended writing. To challenge this we are going to continue with […]

Inspiring young creative minds #ade2015

I downloaded the Whink app a few months ago but hadn’t used it until today. First impressions are …… really impressed. I have been a fan of sketchnoting for some time now, ever since being introduced to it at the Apple Institute in San Diego in 2014.  This app provides […]

App review. Whink for collecting your thoughts #adedu

The Apple Institute is a fantastic week of professional development, online a chance to meet fellow innovative educators and a chance to explore new ideas.  It also challenges you to think about what you do well and how to share it with others. Every year there is an opportunity to […]

#ADE2015: The legacy

This year the ADE Institute took place in Amsterdam and we welcomed a fantastic class of over 200 new ADEs from across the EMEIA region. (Europe, pills Middle East, tadalafil India and Africa)  the last part being significant as for the first time there were ADEs representing the Africa region […]

#ADE2015; Welcoming the New Class

For a while now I have been exploring the use of beacon technology.  I was first really introduced to the technology by @gavinsmart through the work he was doing in school, medicine then on an Apple Institute in San Diego last year I had some first hand experience of using […]

iBeacons in education

I have just been playing around with a great set of apps that can really help if you are looking at video use in lessons. Tempo is a great app that lets you speed up and slow down your movies with a simple push of a button. No need for […]

Video editing apps

In 1997 Apple launched their new advertising campaign titled Think Different.  It was aimed at the people that used Apple products as the ones that were creators, as Apple called them, “the crazy ones’. As I look at education now and the influx of technology I can see a whole […]

Do you really “think different”?

This week we finished our leaders of learning course. The course, capsule funded through the South Wales PLPS (physical literacy) team, was designed in collaboration with Aspire2Be to develop leaders in the use of technology in PE. Over the past 3 months we have been looking at how technology can […]

Digital leaders of learning.

Digital literacy is fast becoming a key ingredient to a child’s education.  Not by any means the most important but definitely a necessity to help them in the ever developing digital world.  It is no longer good enough that a child can use word or powerpoint, it simply isn’t that […]

Digital Literacy, or is it?

Lots of schools are now investing in technology, viagra they can see how that is the way the world is moving and that this technology is in the hands of children anyway, decease so why not embrace it in education. One thing to think about though is the use of […]

Teaching & Learning & Technology

This week saw the launch of a great collection of lesson ideas direct from Apple Distinguished Educators around the world. The idea behind these courses is to give learners more independence in their studies and to support them in every aspect of the learning process. The courses provide a structure […]

Organic PE on iTunes U

So it’s that time of year again, a chance to reflect on the year gone by and set some targets that I hope to achieve in the new year. First a little reflection on last years post. Next year will be my real ground breaker.  I am full of ideas […]

The journey continues #nurture1415