Numeracy in Sport through fitness sessions


Had a really good session today with my Y9 class looking at fitness.  the scheme of work in Y9 is to look at the components of fitness and to make them relevant to the students and the sports they play.

Today we looked at cardiovascular fitness and worked on completing the Cooper Test.  a 12 minute continuous run where the students try to keep a steady pace and cover the furthest distance that they can.

They worked in pairs to complete this and I asked one of the partners to monitor the other as they completed the test, rx counting the number of laps that they completed in the time.  I set up a square 20m by 20m.

After completing the test the students were asked to work out how far they had run.  Simple maths to complete but they all tried to work it out.  I also found out what the national average was for their age and some of the students were trying to work out how many laps they would need to do to achieve that.

As with a lot of the numeracy work I am trying to do it is about making the numeracy support the learning in sport.  This discrete style of supporting numeracy helps the students make the links between the subjects we teach.

The module will continue in a similar fashion with students keeping a track of their results and enabling them to analyse statistics.

To finish the session we looked at a continuous game of football and the students were asked to analyse the positions in football that needed cardiovascular endurance more than others. At this point they were reflecting on their results compared to the sports they played or their positions and the learning became obvious.

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