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The more I look at strategic implementation of the things I do I have to continually remind myself of why I am doing those things.  I have always been an advocate of “why?” as a question to set before anything I am doing and as such I need to remember that the first answer when doing things in school is that the students should be at the very centre of any decisions.

When I look to integrate technology in to my practice it would be really easy to think about the benefits to myself.  How will the iPad make my life easier?  Though this is propbably valid it should be noted that in making my life easier I could be making other more difficult.  I’m sure at times that I have been guilty of this.

If I take a look at how I have used Google Drive and Edmodo in PE, both have been as a way of developing student independence and to improve their ability to work away from the lesson.  The student was firmly at the center of the decision to adopt this way of doing things.

Students were using both programmes to have access to work wherever they were, on any computer or on their personal devices.  They also had lines of communication with myself that helped them understand feedback given and further question things.  A great example of students being at the heart of a decision.

As I look to develop things further and in any training I deliver to other schools or teachers I always make sure that teachers are aware of this process.  In learning new things, some people really engage and see how it helps them, others are put off by the idea of change.  What I try to do is get staff to see the benefits it will bring to their students, so that they can then see how the change is a positive thing.

It seems really obvious now I write about it but I need to remind myself of this all the time.  If it does not benefit the students, WHY am I doing it?

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