Breakfast teachmeet to inspire teachers (Update)

I have been massively impacted by the teachmeets that I have attended over the last few years.  Events such as TM Clevedon (@ICTevangelist), TM Brum (@danielharvey9) and Tm Brock (@lizdudley) to name just a few, have really made me diversify my views of education outside of my subject area.  The TLTakeover session organised by David Fawcett and Jenn Ludgate furthered this and I am now wanting to do the same for the staff in my own school.

I have tried publicising events but the old saying about Mohamad and the mountain seems to ring true here.  Last year I set up a teachmeet during an hours meeting after school.  Though this was a success, it was also an hour after school and much of what was said may have been written in a notebook with good intention but not acted upon.

This year i thought of creating something that was snappy and would hopefully lead to a direct impact on the day ahead for teachers.

Enter the Breakfast teachmeet

The simple idea was to ask for 10 minutes of people’s time, to meet in a classroom at 8:10 on a monday morning and to share 1 idea.  Something simple that could be taken away and tried in the first lesson of the week.  We started with a simple guide to SOLO taxonomy and then had a session on signposting progress.

Impact?  Well these are voluntary sessions at the start of the week, yet both sessions we have had so far have had good numbers attend, so obviously there is a need for it.  It has got people talking and if it only impacts on 1 person a week, it still holds value to me.  If you are looking for quick ins, support for staff at all levels and something that costs nothing but could have huge impact.  Give it a go.  Below is the Smore that I am keeping updated to support the CPD.


I have been away from my School for a few months on a secondment but I still keep in touch with the developments going on.  Since leaving the breakfast teachmeet has continued.  This is a great project and I was worried that it was going to stop when I left.  It just goes to show how powerful this type of CPD is that it carried on and seems to be gathering a great momentum.  Staff that beforehand were not recognised for the great things they were doing in their own classroom now have the chance to share it with their colleagues.

If you do not have something like this going on in school then give it a go.  I just set it up in the morning before school on a voluntary basis, asked a few colleagues to support by starting off a few presentations and it just grew from there.  CPD weekly, in house and free.

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