Video editing apps

I have just been playing around with a great set of apps that can really help if you are looking at video use in lessons.


Tempo is a great app that lets you speed up and slow down your movies with a simple push of a button. No need for complicated cutting and changing settings. Just choose the length of time and the speed the video should play in that time. Great for Practical sessions where you may want to focus in on specific parts of a clip in more detail.


Crop is an app aimed at user of devices that like to film in portrait mode but when they share the video to a TV they get the black bars down the side. In this app you simply take your portrait video and crop out areas you do not need. The result is a video that plays nicely on a TV. Again in a practical setting you can crop to focus more on certain parts of the video


Clips helps you quickly adjust clip length in videos, no rx hospital Take all the clips you want and then in the visual screen cut it down to whatever length you want simply by adjusting the bars.


Finally Fly is a great app that lets you have multi angle shots and instantly become a director by choosing which shot you use in your video. For example film someone in PE from multiple angles doing a skill and then create a movie showing that skill from all angles.

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