Using iTunes U course manager (updated)



I started this year thinking about organisation and structure of the systems I use everyday to manage the department.  I have introduced so many new systems from Google drive to Edmodo that I wanted to make sure that the new staff were able to access all they needed.

I have dabbled with Course Manager before but the issue was not having a large enough audience of iPad users to warrant the time creating a course.  With an entire faculty now fully equipped I thought it was a valuable tool to invest some time into.

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To begin with I created the overview.  The sections of the course that I would later fill with resources.  These ranged from Using Edmodo in the classroom to General notices for staff that they would need all year.  Once these were created it was simple to add posts in to each section with more detail and then add in the resources to support it.  staff now had simple access to eBook user guides, click view links to download apps, links to useful websites as well as the documents they would need to organise their days.

Any updates I add to it are instantly pushed out to those subscribed so an added benefit is I no longer have to rely on emails for sharing of info (this usually led to things getting lost in timelines) and staff had access to the resources whilst on the move.

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The second course I have created is for the fitness module we teach to Y8 & 9.  Again the overview was a list of session outcomes with posts added in to give relevance to the outcomes and then supported by the resources added in. This digital scheme of work meant everything as kept in the same place, could easily be added to and could be updated each year following a course review.

Since I first wrote this post things have developed.  As I have become more confident with using iTunes U I have discovered just how valuable it is in what I do.  

I now use it to support lots of the projects that I lead.  The great thing about iTunes U is that it truly makes things interactive.  I run an iPad in PE course and I share the course in advance so that the attendees can have some pre reading and an opportunity to download any apps.  

It also serves as a great place to add sustainability to any training by adding in any updates or changes to app use.  By changing an app to a better example and supporting it with a video or written guide it further supports teachers.

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