Teach meet Clevedon

Well, where to start.
I attended the last teach meet in Clevedon due to a conversation I had with @ictevengelist on twitter. I was fairly new to twitter and knew nothing at all about teach meet, so I turn up, completely unprepared for the effect it would have. A great night where I heard about loads if great things that were happening in education from the people that were in the classrooms making it happen.
I never thought I could stand up there, first from a confidence point if view and secondly, what did I possibly have to share with all of these great teachers.
Mark asked if I fancied presenting at the next one and I said I’d think about it and that thought grew.
I have been working on lots of things in school, lots to do with the iPads but lots to do with just managing systems using technology. So I thought, why not, gotta start somewhere.
So tmclevedon 2012 came up and I put my name down to present, nerves flowed but that’s a good thing right?
I presented about tracking progress using google docs, not a game changing idea but it was helping students and that’s what this game is all about after all.
Amazing, what a buzz, could not recommend it enough, the nerves were there but I believed in what I was presenting.
If you are doing something in work, anything, get out there and share it, I learn so much from listening to other teachers that share stories about their practice. It’s like training all the time.
Teach meets happen all over the place and they have such an impact, every teacher should attend at least one and I guarantee it will change your thoughts about your practice. Stand up and share and it will do even more.

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