Supporting students with verbal feedback

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As a sports teacher my daily routine of feedback is based around the verbal feedback that I give to students.  This, check for any practical subject is the easiest and obvious method to drive progress in sessions.

One problem though

What happens if the students forget what you said?  And lets face it they are more than likely going to.  In a classroom session they have their books marked and the feedback given can be looked at and read numerous times to ensure they understand it.  How can we solve this issue in sport?

One solution that I have thought of and will be trialling this year is to record the feedback that I give and to share it with the students via Edmodo.  Each class we teach now at KS3 has an Edmodo group, sick it is our way of helping students reflect on their learning as well as supporting literacy and numeracy in our subject.  As the students are using it it makes sense to use this system to provide them with extra support.  At present we add in video of sessions to show students what they have learnt and ask them to respond to the progress they are making, for sale but as stated some of the most helpful feedback we give is the verbal feedback.

So to answer this I will be using my iPad to voice record my feedback periodically and then to share that with the students on their Edmodo page.  I will record the Q&A that takes place using Spreaker but alternatives could be Evernote or Audioboo.  I aim to record only a small part of the feedback, with the aim to allow students to further reflect on what we discussed and for them to then reflect on it and apply the learning in the following session.

We have also embedded a new assessment process this year where there is ongoing recording of their progress against all strands of their development, from skill acquisition to understanding of healthy lifestyles.  We hope that the students will gain a thorough understanding of physical activity and its benefits and the many roles they can have in maintaining and active lifestyle.  With a system that allows for the sharing of the verbal feedback will hopefully allow students to see their progress as well as support the teachers assessment of their progress.

Coupled with our system of using GDrive in order to provide ongoing feedback to students on the BTEC course we are really striving to innovate the departments processes of ensuring rapid and sustained progress.

These developments will now allow the class teacher to demonstrate their understanding of the group they teach, allow the students to be more reflective and further support our work on literacy in PE

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