Reviewing impact of ICT developments in PE 2

So after a very busy year of developing ICT in the PE department at City Academy, ampoule Bristol, viagra I think it is time to review what has been achieved, do look at impact on teaching and learning and to see what can be improved for the next academic year.

We started last September with every member in the department having an iPad, this was supported through our Director of Sport who helped fund the project.  Over the course of the first month we had to ensure that all staff were equipped with the skills to feel comfortable using these devices in their lessons.

In order to achieve this I set up several processes. first an audit of staff (via Socrative) to gauge how they felt about using the devices and where they felt they needed specific support.  This then impacted on the creation of peer mentoring groups where each member of staff was paired with someone to help develop their practice.  This was a great start to getting a familiarity with the devices and enabled me to train one or two staff that were more familiar with the devices and they then spread out this to others.

Apps that were primarily used by staff were:

Ubersense or Coaches Eye for performance analysis.

Socrative for instant AFL opportunities

Comic Life for creating resources and documenting progress

Audioboo and Fotobabble for student reflection

Evernote for documenting learning and capturing evidence

Next we looked at Learning walks to look at how the devices were being used, nothing formal, just to get an idea of what was being done.  This needed to be shared and so a department blog was set up to allow staff to record what they had done in lessons and the difference it made.  Where staff were reluctant to write a blog themselves i recorded it for them to ensure their successes could still be shared.  This has now developed into a department newsletter that goes out once a term to highlight good practice and also highlight good blogs to staff and CPD opportunities.

The focus was not solely on the use of iPads however as it is important to look at lots of areas in which ICT can develop our practice.

We also trialled the use of Edmodo with specific groups.  Again just looking at engaging a couple of staff that showed an interest and trained them up on the use.  these staff then gave feedback on successes and areas that needed attention which eventually allowed us to agree to use it as a model for Sport to use in BTEC, GCSE, KS3 and with our sports teams organisation.  This will be launched to all of our groups in September.

Google Drive was also adopted across the whole department due to the benefits of collaborative spaces.  We used it at first for our BTEC course where I had set up a tracking and feedback system for students to allow for greater independence of students.  This coupled with Edmodo helped us really look at extending student engagement beyond the classroom as they had a place to review feedback and find further reading to impact on their studies.  In showing this to staff it was great to see how it inspired them to streamline other areas using the same system.  for example our detention system was changed to Google so we could all add in students that needed detentions and the person on duty could easily check them off.

One tool that I found to be really useful, specifically for tracking progress of understanding in theory lessons was Padlet.  This enabled students to record their own developing ideas and for me to track how they were progressing in class.  It also served as a tool to document their learning to then reflect on when they had coursework to complete.

We also looked at using ICT to embed literacy and numeracy in our lessons.  Again just trialled in specific years, we used systems to allow students to reflect on their work.  Homework was set on Edmodo via quizzes or as a reply to a note, just asking students to reflect on what they had achieved and something they needed to improve.  Alongside this we also encouraged a literacy focus each module such as use of capital letters or grammar.  With numeracy we looked at using our iPads to analyse performance and look at averages and percentages.  This was only I trail that I focused on since Easter but students really engaged in it and it will be developed next year.

So to impact

Observations in March came out at 100% Good or Outsatnding.  In all sessions there was evidence of the use of ICT, this was a great outcome and showed the real impact that the training and awareness had.

Student progression in BTEC was also enhanced. For example Y11 results showed a change from 19% to 30% at distinction level and overall 71% merit or above.  One student who was failing at Easter used the system to impact on his own work to end up with 4 c grades when he left in May.  In the past this has not happened due to having to track students down to let them know what they needed to do.  Again this needs further work to ensure all staff use it effectively but has shown impact.  Interventions were therefore a lot swifter using this system and students were given extra help where needed.

So this is a great platform to move forward on, we will continue developing and I will continue sharing success

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2 thoughts on “Reviewing impact of ICT developments in PE

    • mat6453

      We would use coaches eye in a few ways.
      Staff would use it to model good practice and share it with the class as part of a plenary
      Groups were given the Ipad and tasked with recording each other and giving key points of feedback on performance
      Students with injuries or no kit were given the devices and made coaches for the session to help specific groups of students
      All easily achieved with just 1 iPad

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