Padlet as a Teaching and Learning tool

A few weeks ago @ictevangelist put out a tweet to compile a list of useful apps that teachers were using.  He used Padlet as the tool to collect all of the information.

After adding to it I got thinking about how it could be used in teaching to help students with sharing ideas.  This led into a Post 16 meeting where we discussed lots of ideas to help in delivering outstanding sessions.  One of these ideas was a table-cloth where students wrote down their learning and added to it over a period of time to track learning.

Being a bit of a self-confessed geek I instantly thought that this great idea could be made digital, especially as I rarely teach in the same classroom in succession.

So 2 + 2 equaled using Padlet to create the sane thing in a portable, sharable version.

So today I tried it out with my Y11 session, I created a simple wall with some instructions on it for the students to follow.  Shared this via Edmodo so they all had a link to it and so it could be accessed anytime.

The outcome was really positive, I displayed my iPad screen on to the projector and as students accessed the wall and added their points it quickly grew to a whole page of thoughts and ideas that in turn led to some really good discussion.

The idea now is to refer back to this as we move through the topic to check our learning and to track our progress.  The students can also use it as a revision tool as the wall builds.

Other uses that I plan are for using as a ‘stuck’ board, students to post questions on if they are finding a topic difficult.  Anyone in the group can then post an answer to their question.  This concept being based on an idea from @MissJLud

Setting up a wall is really easy.  Sign up for an account and then add a new wall.  you can add a title and description by selecting the settings tool on the right.  You can change the background to the wall and then you are away.  In the settings tab there is a link option where you can get the URL address for the wall which can then be shared however you see fit.  Personally i use Edmodo as it is how we share other work in my groups but twitter or simple email will work just as well.  To add a post, students just double-click anywhere on the wall.  They need to add their name and a subject, then their text.  There are also options to add links to the internet or files from your own system.  The other great thing about it is that it does work really well on different platforms.  Students today used iPhones, iPads and Android devices to contribute.

Try it out, it’s really simple and FREE


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