iWork apps, more than meets the eye

Sometimes when you get an app you need to look beyond its initial uses. An app for movie creation could actually be a great app for analysing performance in sport. This thinking is what led to a great collaboration today looking at how Numbers can be used in ways other than as a spreadsheet.

Padlet recently announced that their free service for creating collaborative work spaces was going to change. You will still get 3 free walls for free but then you need to pay if you want more.

In the world of education where budgets are at breaking point, this isn’t going to be possible for many educators. Alternative apps are available that do a similar thing but being creative educators, the ADE community started to think of alternatives.

That leads us to Numbers.

Kurt Klynen mentioned an idea on Facebook around using the collaborative features in Numbers, that led to a few of us to create a shared space and try it out, looking for the possibilities that could exist, the ease of sharing and what else might it be used for. Miriam Walsh, Martin Coutts and I played around for a while adding content as if it were a Padlet wall but also exploring the new addition of being able to draw in Numbers to add more personal touches.

In short, it works great, here is a quick guide on getting it started


Kurt has since explored even more options, looking at a great idea for a shared dictionary where students around the world collaborate on vocabulary in different languages, adding audio and text. Also we looked at a shared book review page where students can share their favourite books. Miriam has recreated some of her Padlets where students share their projects all in one place. The collaboration options in iWork apps make it simple to share and if you add in a table, you can use the drag and drop feature to lock the images into a cell. Alternatively use it in free form.

It just goes to show that when people share ideas and work together, you can create new approaches that ultimately cost nothing and still support educators. This is what makes the ADE community so powerful.

Add to that the use of Keynote to develop animation as seen in the #magicmovechallenge from Martin Coutts and Jon Smith, the use of Pages to create eBooks in the latest update, iMovie as a sports analysis tool and Notes as a sketchnote tool, you are starting to have a whole suite of apps that meet an awful lot of teachers needs in the classroom that all come on the iPad out of the box. These apps can do so much more than what you might think, it just takes a little imagination (or a great community of educators)

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