Inspiring young creative minds #ade2015

A new year sees a new opportunity to inspire young minds, for sale in my case one 6 year old young mind.  He is doing well in school but is still struggling with his literacy and in particular his extended writing.

To challenge this we are going to continue with some of the work we did last year.  He is a very creative young man and loves acting and pretending he is someone else.  He can create the most imaginative stories and share them with us.  His stimulus for these stories tend to be things he watches on the tele so I decided to stir that creativity and give him new things to inspire his thoughts.

Using a variety of apps (and a trip to the planet of Endor) we created a few clips of him as if he were in Star Wars.  He was then tasked with writing down some of his thoughts and then record them to make his own movie.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 19.53.20

He has completed this and is sharing it on his blog.   Please feel free to comment as it helps him improve his work.

The imagery really helped him think about what he wanted to say and by writing it down it helped him confidently do the voice over on his video.

2015-09-13 17.54.13

Apps used to create the whole process were.

Eraser to get rid of the background imagery from the storm trooper

Photoshop Mix to layer the imagery

Paper 53 to add in the effects to make the lightsaber shine

Typorama to make the titles

and finally

Shadow Puppet to make the movie

All of this done on an iPhone whilst still out playing in the woods

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