Digital pilot in schools reflection.

This week saw us start our digital pilot in schools.  The project is looking at how we can identify different ways to support trainee teachers as part of their studies and give them additional support in schools.  I am working with 4 of our first year students in a Year 1 class.

As part of the training we are looking at how to use technology in the classroom and then reflecting on each session as a group to identify strengths and areas to improve.

After todays session I identified some areas that I had not fully considered before we started, that is the range in start points of groups of children.  It was quite clear today that those that have access to devices in their own homes were able to follow the session easier than those that were new to using devices.  This gap in knowledge was not something I had fully thought through.

The intention for todays session was to use Explain Everything to allow the pupils to do some simple animation.  They were shown how to locate images on the internet and to save them to the camera roll, they were then shown how to find those images in Explain Everything and to use the crop tool to cut out the background.  Some groups then found images as backgrounds whilst others drew their own.  Although all pupils managed to achieve this, it took a lot of effort from the teachers, this could have been resolved by having ready made templates available to those that needed the extra support.

The process should have worked something like this;

Enrol all of the students in Showbie using simple username and passwords that the teacher can keep a copy of (to negate the need for students to remember).

Create a simple background and mini beast Explain Everything template

Share as a project through Showbie

Allow all students to learn the basics of movement and recording.

Create a folder of PNG images in Showbie for students to use if they want to add more insects.


The more able could then add in more content or additional scenes to develop their stories.

It has been a really useful learning experience to see this in the classroom and also to identify that the task of creating their stories could still be achieved in this way but supported by thinking about how to allow the students to succeed without barriers.

The other part of the session was to use Seesaw to share their finished videos with the teacher.  Though we did not get finished videos to share, the pupils were able to sign into the class and share some of their drawings of mini beasts.  This process was really simple for the pupils to follow and now it has been done we already have leaders in the class that are helping others to achieve.

IMG_0507 IMG_0508 IMG_0509

Next week we will be completing their animations and creating fact videos using Yakit Kids.

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