As half term starts in Wales, here I come to the end of my first term working with the PESS team. A whirlwind of a start would be an understatement, buy work that included, purchase govenment consulatation on the curriculum, PE specific curriculum design, Y6 progress indication and then the […]

reflecting on secondment so far

So had the opportunity to take part in a workshop tonight led by one of our Outstanding teachers Natasha Reeves, looking at challenge for all.  A very insightful experience that really made us think about what we were doing in order to challenge EVERY student in our class in every […]

Setting challenge and SOLO taxonomy

  I simply love this app as it really makes creating presentations much more engaging.  It allows you to make flowing stories with text, and sale picture and sound and due to the fact it animates the drawing it is easier to follow.  There are built in pictures in the […]

8. Videoscribe

So it has been an interesting year this year.  Lots of highs (TMClevedon, TMBrum, TMBrock, Getting ADE status) and some challenges (what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger)  All in all it has seen the biggest change in my professional practice since my NQT year. On reflection I have set myself new […]

Next steps