I have always been a big fan of presenting information in video format, I find it more engaging for the viewer and much more interesting than flat powerpoints. Vidra is a great app for creating these as introduced by @ICTEvangelist earlier on Twitter. I thought i’d take a look myself […]

Vidra app for presenting information

Beacon technology has been around for a while but it is starting to become a bit more mainstream. Beacons simply act as a way of triggering information on mobile devices.  Your device will need an app downloaded on to it and the beacon talks to the app to trigger the […]

What are #ibeacons

With all the focus on what is going on in schools around digital technology there is a danger that the divide becomes ever greater between home and school with the child being caught in the middle. Where I have worked with technology and parents it is clear to see that […]

Are you a digital parent?

Today I launched a new sub site for the use of iPad in PE The idea for this new site is to place all of my PE specific iPad posts in one place to act as a simple place to share ideas on use. I also want to use this […]

iPad in PE

Having taught PE using iPad since it first came out in 2010 I have seen it grow rapidly as a tool to support teaching and learning. Having purchased one for personal use I could straight away see the opportunities it lent for me as a teacher with no fixed classroom. […]

iPad in PE, an obvious decision!

As the new term starts there is always a lot of information sharing going on in departments, across the school and with parents. The issues come with making sure everyone is up to date and more importantly when things change people can see those changes. One way to support this […]

Keeping staff up to date using Google

As the institute drew to a close it was extremely hard not to be moved by some of the learning stories we were hearing from the other ADE’s but today the showcases started and up on stage were 16 amazing stories of how technology was being used to really transform […]

#ADE2014 This is real learning! Part 3

So the next part of the week started with a look at the making of E O Wilson’s Life on Earth books by the creator of some of the animations in the book Drew Berry.  Some of his work is unbelievable and such an amazing way to engage learners in […]

#ADE2014 This is real learning! Part 2