So the Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educator Institute has come to an end and it is time to reflect on what to take home from the experience.  Over the 5 days it is hard to put into words the experience and the amount of inspiration that has been had from the […]

#ADE2016 Taking it home

As I look to start a new chapter in my career in teacher training I started to reflect on what I achieved as a teacher.  In particular what impact I had on the children that I taught.  Although there is no way of knowing for sure (short of tracking down […]

What I left in PE? #pechat

This year the ADE Institute took place in Amsterdam and we welcomed a fantastic class of over 200 new ADEs from across the EMEIA region. (Europe, pills Middle East, tadalafil India and Africa)  the last part being significant as for the first time there were ADEs representing the Africa region […]

#ADE2015; Welcoming the New Class

In 1997 Apple launched their new advertising campaign titled Think Different.  It was aimed at the people that used Apple products as the ones that were creators, as Apple called them, “the crazy ones’. As I look at education now and the influx of technology I can see a whole […]

Do you really “think different”?

I have always been a big fan of presenting information in video format, I find it more engaging for the viewer and much more interesting than flat powerpoints. Vidra is a great app for creating these as introduced by @ICTEvangelist earlier on Twitter. I thought i’d take a look myself […]

Vidra app for presenting information

Beacon technology has been around for a while but it is starting to become a bit more mainstream. Beacons simply act as a way of triggering information on mobile devices.  Your device will need an app downloaded on to it and the beacon talks to the app to trigger the […]

What are #ibeacons

With all the focus on what is going on in schools around digital technology there is a danger that the divide becomes ever greater between home and school with the child being caught in the middle. Where I have worked with technology and parents it is clear to see that […]

Are you a digital parent?

Today I launched a new sub site for the use of iPad in PE The idea for this new site is to place all of my PE specific iPad posts in one place to act as a simple place to share ideas on use. I also want to use this […]

iPad in PE