This week saw the launch of a great collection of lesson ideas direct from Apple Distinguished Educators around the world. The idea behind these courses is to give learners more independence in their studies and to support them in every aspect of the learning process. The courses provide a structure […]

Organic PE on iTunes U

So apparently there is an issue in state schools whereby PE is not giving enough competitive activity to students and therefore failing the system! State pupils denied competitive sport says Ofsted In response When I first started teaching PE 12 years ago there was lots of competition, both in lessons […]

Ofsted and competitive sport a response

Last year I started to create an eBook for use in my athletics sessions to support the numeracy in PE.  It occured to me that athletics lent itself really well to a whole range of numeracy skills but having paper copies of sheets around the track useually led to a […]

Numeracy in PE Athletics eBook

I have been thinking about SOLO taxonomy for a while and the impact it can have on student learning in PE. I have also looked at ways to make it easier for students to access. I have previously blogged about Project Based Learning here and the feedback has been really […]

PE, SOLO, Layar and PBL

I am currently working on a project with a group of post 16 students and a group of primary students.  the aim of the project is to impact on the self esteem, confidence, literacy and numeracy of the primary students as well as the leadership skills of the post 16 […]

How can KS4/5 support KS1/2?