For a while now I have ben exploring the use of technology to bring interactive information to our students. This has involved QR codes, generic uBleams, Augmented Reality and eBooks. There have been some successes but it was a long process that meant the initial trigger usually looked fairly boring […]

Bringing information to life

So, drugs health I have had a bit of time recently, shop cialis sale left alone with my thoughts, abortion to think about what I have done over the last couple of years.  To say I am a reflective person is an understatement, at times it is great, but can […]

Joined up thinking?????

Numeracy in PE Ideas to help the maths department in PE and through Use of apps to impact on this, Dartfish tag, Coachnote, good for drawing out activities to then explore space, angles etc Numbers (google docs) data collection and comparison. Analysis apps (Ubersense, Coaches eye, Dartfish express). Fitness specific […]

Numeracy in PE