Having taught PE using iPad since it first came out in 2010 I have seen it grow rapidly as a tool to support teaching and learning. Having purchased one for personal use I could straight away see the opportunities it lent for me as a teacher with no fixed classroom. […]

iPad in PE, an obvious decision!

So after 11 years of teaching at the City Academy I am moving out of directly teaching children and move into supporting staff with their CPD with Aspire2Be. It is a real shame that I will not be present at the end of year do to say my farewell to […]

Leaving speech

So apparently there is an issue in state schools whereby PE is not giving enough competitive activity to students and therefore failing the system! State pupils denied competitive sport says Ofsted In response When I first started teaching PE 12 years ago there was lots of competition, both in lessons […]

Ofsted and competitive sport a response

I had the opportunity to go to my son’s first sports day this week at Pembroke Primary and it was a fantastic event and demonstration of Physical Literacy. My own memories of sports day were of the 100m race etc the elite performing but with the winner already being known […]

What does your sports day look like?

I originally posted this a few weeks ago, trying to put down my views on how broad a subject PE is and the benefits that it brings to students in school. I feel I need to add some to this to really highlight the need for PE to be a […]

What is PE? (update)

I am currently working on a project with a group of post 16 students and a group of primary students.  the aim of the project is to impact on the self esteem, confidence, literacy and numeracy of the primary students as well as the leadership skills of the post 16 […]

How can KS4/5 support KS1/2?

So often this is all PE is viewed as, how many teachers think the PE staff just blow a whistle and the children just run and kick a ball?  Unfortunately this does happen, but i’m sure there are still teachers that just get students copying out of a book in […]

What is PE? Is it just Sport?