For a while now I have been thinking about how best to support my 5 year old at home.  His school does amazing things and sends home fun homeworks but it has often been the case that when Max gets stuck on things I want his teacher to know where […]

Digital Parent? iPad supporting homework

I have been looking at the Homeroom app for a few days now and have to say that it is a great little tool for schools to share the day to day things that are going on in the classroom. Its simplicity is probably the greatest thing about it. The […]

Homeroom app for Schools and Parents

Looking at the Digital Parent I want to look at the tools that parents can use that will compliment how technology is being used in schools. On such tool is Class Dojo. As a teacher I have used Class Dojo to great effect across my classes and its impact is […]

Class Dojo at home

With all the focus on what is going on in schools around digital technology there is a danger that the divide becomes ever greater between home and school with the child being caught in the middle. Where I have worked with technology and parents it is clear to see that […]

Are you a digital parent?