As part of the PESS programme in South Wales I have been working with two great schools, cure Chepstow Comprehensive and Eastern High.  These two schools have engaged in a joint project to look at developing literacy through PE and in working together are trying out new methods in engaging […]

Sports Journalism to develop literacy and engagement

I was at a teachmeet recently and heard about a great tool in Google search that is really useful for helping students engage with reading at the correct level and therefore support their literacy.  I apologise that I can not remember the gentlemens name to credit him but I really […]

Google supporting literacy

So often this is all PE is viewed as, how many teachers think the PE staff just blow a whistle and the children just run and kick a ball?  Unfortunately this does happen, but i’m sure there are still teachers that just get students copying out of a book in […]

What is PE? Is it just Sport?

Recently the excellent Jon Tait @teamtait posted on twitter about a teaching and learning newsletter that he had created using Smore  This led to a lot of fellow tweachers looking to create a similar thing to help spread the message about teaching and learning to a greater audience.  Jon’s original […]

Using Smore in a variety of ways