Timeline app by ReadWriteThink

I came across this app whilst training some students on the use of iPad in primary. We were discussing the use of other apps in sessions and looking at planning different topics. one of the students (Mel) mentioned a timeline she had seen so we searched and found this great app by ReadWriteThink.


As apps go it is really simple and easy to use and has so many uses in learning. You simply choose your type of timeline and add in your relevant points along the line. Within the information you can add Text, stuff a description and images. The results are great and can really help students demonstrate their understanding of historical events or even simply the order of a process.

As always it is an app I love because it lends itself to multiple applications in teaching and learning and not simply a one trick pony.

You can download it here

I will upload a screencast soon

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/qarsssb