Making Books in Pages

Since the updates to iWork apps in March, I have been playing around with various new elements.  The ability to draw on documents, animate the drawings on top of the ability to already collaborate on documents is a real bonus for schools when looking to enhance the learning in the classroom.  Keynote, Numbers and Pages now provide learners with such a diverse way to share their knowledge and they provide access to all learners and their preferences on how they want to produce content.  The latest update makes things even better with the addition of being able to add audio to the documents, allowing learners to quickly add thoughts to their work, further extending their understanding of work.

One feature that has really caught my attention though is the addition of the Book templates in Pages, I love making quick guides for learners to use as an exercise book or to create support documentation for learners at the start of a course.  I often struggle with being creative with these though, I always want them to appear engaging but often they don’t. 🙁

In Pages I now have a new way to present these and with the other updates (mainly the ability to write on the document) I have a new found love for being creative and designing Books that are more engaging but also contain elements to support learners.

The templates to get you started are great but I have started looking at designing my own layouts so that I can quickly produce a Book based on the style I am trying to achieve.  Leaner Journal, Sharing of an idea etc.

Once this template is created it can easily be shared with learners and they can start using it to document their learning or as a template to help them create their own Book.  In University next year this will really change how our final years present their action enquiry projects, especially now they can add in learner voice directly to demonstrate impact.

You can add in multiple images which really helps display work in a new way, allowing the viewer to scroll through the images along with adding descriptions to each image below.

Adding in the audio notes is also really simple now and these become objects on the screen.

One of my favourite things to create is a “sticky note” so you can add handwritten notes in the Book,


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