What is your digital vision?


I was asked this recently when looking at how we were going to move things forward at school in relation to digital innovation.  At first I was a bit taken a back as it is not a simple solution.  The more I thought about it the more I knew that it had to be a complete school vision for something that would take time and commitment to achieve.

So here it is.

First we need to get a broad selection of stake holders involved from different areas.  The person i/c of Teaching and Learning, mind the person i/c of digital innovation, sovaldi the person with the ideas and passion for change (me), check the person i/c of student voice, the person i/c of the network and the head of ICT.  Together these people would have their own opinions on how to evolve the learning platform for the school.

The next steps are for me to work out what my personal vision is.  This is not so simple due to various factors.  If money was no object it would be a different vision to that of having a very restricted budget.  At the heart of any vision though needs to be the students and what effect it will have on them.

My plan is to get staff to look at their curriculum, to look at the things that they need to teach and to really analyse how a different approach could help enhance the learning environment.  In sport this is how we started.  What are we teaching and how might the technology enhance it.  We wanted students to be more hands on with the analysis of their work and to be able to give more informed feedback.  The iPad and iPod were perfectly suited to that and with the use of apps for video analysis students soon became comfortable taking on these roles.  It also enabled us to make the learning more relevant in BTEC as we could give students an audience for their work through blogs, video, podcasts etc.

With this in mind and as a model that other areas could see the benefit of the innovation I would want departments to look at what could be achieved in their areas.  The idea is not to suddenly say everyone should use these devices and shoehorn them into a curriculum but to really focus on using them as a tool to engage learners and to try things in a new way.  All the while trying to make the learning relevant to the students and not just about passing an exam.

As a passionate believer in using innovative practice to engage learners I try to always ensure that I am doing it for the right reason, that it will benefit the students t achieve more and want to achieve more, that it will make them want to learn beyond the walls of the school and to equip them with the skills to easily adapt to new situations, not just learn one solution to a problem.  I know that technology gives students a choice in how they complete things and also leads to students being more creative and collaborative. My vision is to help and support others to see that too.

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