Using iPod devices in school?

At the end of last year I started to look at how the iPod devices, that the school purchased, were being used across the whole school.  As in most cases there were pockets of excellent use but also areas where staff were not using them at all.

The reason for this,

Staff had not had time to really look into how to use them.  i had sent out links to how others used them but with the push for improving grades it is usually the case that staff stick to what they are comfortable with as opposed to stepping into the unknown.  Though I can appreciate this it does leave you with a lot of very useful devices sitting around where they could be used to improve teaching and learning.  In the words of Henry Ford.

“if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

Where this may be of comfort to those thinking “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” it is also a call to think about continual transformation to enhance learning. It is fairly obvious now that times have changed and the world that our students are moving into is vastly different to that of their teachers.  What is important is that we think about how to deliver both the curriculum and the skills that students will require in the workplace.

So what did i do to try to combat this?  I wrote a book.

Not just a normal text book though, in keeping with my own message, I made an interactive book that included video tutorials and interactive sections to help show how the iPod could be used in the classroom, not subject specific but with ideas on using the device to capture video, audio and to support literacy, numeracy, AFL and extension work.

The book is free and can be downloaded from the iBook store here

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