Technology guide series of eBooks. So you want to …. #everyonecancreate

This year at the Apple Distinguished Educator Institute in Austin, Texas, we were challenged to create projects around Creativity in education.  These projects are designed to develop something we already do or something we plan on doing and share it with others to have a wider impact.

With Creativity in Education being a vital element but something that often gets overshadowed by literacy and numeracy pressures, this was a great chance to show how technology can support a whole range of ways to be creative and not neglect other areas of the curriculum, in fact, the technology often enhances these areas.

One area that I initially wanted to develop was the skills around Sketchnoting.  When I attend meetings or conferences, i often use this approach to make notes on a session, I find it easier to concentrate and easier to engage in the created notes as a result.

My initial plan was to create a simple guide on how to go about getting started.  The title, So you want to sketchnote?  Through a series of group meetings with other ADEs, I was able t develop how the idea might look and what additional media I might use to support people.

The book was completed and published but as a result of the initial feedback and the simple process of creating it, I decided to keep going and create a series of eBooks on various topics.

To create these ebooks, I decided to take advantage of the latest updates in Pages, creating ePubs through Pages is such a great way of sharing knowledge and having the ability to really easily add text, audio, video and drawing means you can be really creative with the books.

The series has now grown to 7 with a further 3 in the planning stages.

So you want to …….


Use Line Draw Animation

Author your own eBook

Use technology in PE

Develop enquiry in Science

Use social media in the classroom

Set up an escape room

And coming soon

Integrate the DCF

Use iPad out of the box

Organise your digital classroom

You can access the whole series of eBooks on the iBookstore here

For those in areas that can’t access the iBookstore, you can access them here.

Each book ends with a challenge to share what you create as a result, I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

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