Starting out with technology in class?

Having started my own tech invasion on my lessons a few years ago I thought it might be helpful to give some simple advice to those looking to start out on their own journey.

This by no means is a perfect model and I’m hoping people will debate this and as such critique my suggestions to develop my own thinking.

My first go to bit of ICT would have to be Edmodo, it is a platform for sharing work, communication , and basically anything you need with students.  It keeps things neat and tidy in one place and allows for homework, flipped learning and feedback to all be managed.

Explain Everything.  In order to create presentations and support material this is a great tool.  It is an interactive whiteboard on an iPad which means it is portable and can help facilitate great group work.  The added benefit is how simple it is to share the creation with students to use as a recap of learning.  I use it to record conversation (using the microphone on the iPad) and add in words and images to support.  It allows for better discussion as students are not worrying about writing everything down themselves.

Coach’s Eye.  This is a video analysing app which allows students to see exactly what they are doing and therefore critique themselves to lead to improvement.  It build in self analysis based on the video that is then supported by the teacher in what the correct technique should be.  This way students can simply be asked questions about what they are doing rather than the teacher telling them what they did.

These tools all link together nicely and can form a great pedagogical approach to your delivery with technology.  Film students in action, add that video to Edmodo for some deep thinking homework.  Create a starter using Explain Everything that sums up the lesson and students can review it afterwards.  I use Edmodo to support literacy as a way to engage students in reflective writing.

These are just my starter apps.  There are many more tools that help in different ways but everyone needs a start point.

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