One thing to take from #ADE2014

So over the week we took part in field trips, viagra order case looking at scientific studies, ampoule story telling, conservation etc.  We were Citizen Scientists and in the role of learners for the week.

To support this study we were asked to download the ADE iTunes U course and get the material downloaded to our devices.  This meant that once we were off on site activities with no Wifi we still had access to learning materials.

So that got me thinking….

If we are looking at the future pedagogical practices that schools need to adopt to

1. meet the changing world we live in 

2. re engage children with education after years of the same, then there is definitely something in this method.

By utilising iPad in a 1:1 environment or even 1:some then you are able to break free from the classroom and the traditional ways of disseminating content.  By creating courses that contain learning materials, tasks, assignments, reference points and now with iTunes U 2.0 the discussions, you can now take the classroom wherever you need.  Beyond the classroom and even further if using 1:1 or BYOD, students take the learning home with them and can continue learning in their own time, totally blurring the lines between school and home (which are becoming more and more different as schools fail to embrace the world around them and the tools students have in their own homes.)

How would this look?

In PE, iTunes U courses get set up containing the learning for the module, an overview containing content that will be covered.  Tasks could be set each week that mean students capture parts of activities and take this information away with them to look deeper into it, to create something that demonstrates a true understanding and can be used by other students as support material.  Where students get stuck (when away from school) they can use the discussion section to ask peers or staff for help.

Lessons fundamentally stay the same but learning is more personalised, students have support at their fingertips and can extend their own learning through choice.  Homework is no longer a chore but just a mere extension.

Lots of schools are moving towards longer teaching periods, some up to 2hrs long.  This is a great opportunity to really look at challenge based learning and iTunes U supports this easily with structure and content provided.  Students can also see the direction of their learning and see the ultimate goal.  Or if using Organic PE they can have their input, supporting the development of a personalised curriculum.

This is not a post about PE however, all subjects can be taught in this same way, classrooms are not the most inspirational rooms, the real world however is.  Take students to places that will inspire curiosity, ask questions, problem solve, but have the support documents with you at all times to check understanding.

If we are to really change the way education is delivered then we need to be bold in our actions and try new things.  I personally view this model as a new and inspiring way of educating students.  I will be creating PE based iTunes U courses over the summer and am more than happy to share them out for others to use.

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