Measuring successful leadership, is there a legacy?

I have been extremely fortunate to have worked with some amazing teachers in my department.  Over the last few years they have really supported me in my quest to innovate the teaching and learning across PE.  We have now embedded lots of things into our practice and even been nominated for and Innovation in Education award from Education Innovation.  This has been for the work around the use of Edmodo as a tool to engage students in reflective writing that supports their progress in PE as well as supporting their literacy.

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The use of the iPad in our curriculum area is now well embedded and a real show of legacy.  I am currently on secondment for PESS in South Wales looking at numeracy and literacy through PE as well as Emerging Technologies.  The work I had done with the team could have simply stopped in my absence but a true test of its use in developing students is in the fact that it is still being used and having an impact.  In my secondment I am still able to keep in touch with the students to support them in their work and to give feedback through the methods we have created. (Google Drive, malady Edmodo, look etc)

Another way I have been able to see legacy, clinic and possibly the one that has had the most impact on me, has been through seeing how the work has spread across the school.  I had set up morning teachmeets, weekly digital newsletters on T&L and generally bombarded staff with innovative practice in education.  When I look at some of the things that are being done in school now it is reassuring to see that again, in my absence these things are continuing and growing.  The innovation was always about the impact on the students and it is clear for me to see the the hard work and effort to keep drip feeding the information has paid off.

The school now uses smore to share information to students in their tutor time.  Lots of staff have now engaged with Edmodo to support their teaching outside of the classroom.  Lots more digital innovation is happening through staff using the iPod to capture learning taking place and many more things.  The morning teachmeets are continuing, now run by a different member of staff and still well attended.

Its never easy to truly track impact but in this case the fact it is still going on makes me see that some impact has been made and that my leadership skills are developing.

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