Making numeracy practical.

As with most things I learn these days, store this idea was born from a chat with my son.  He was having some trouble with his maths and we were thinking about some fun ways to help hime learn his sums.  (he is 6).

He thought that a treasure hunt would be fun, viagra with a maths question triggering the next place to find.  This got me thinking about how we could make this so that it got us out and about but at the time it was raining so we set our first one up in the house.

I used an app called Klikaklu, I have used this before in PE sessions and it is a fab programme that helps making treasure hunts or orienteering courses really easy.  You use the iPad or iPhone to guide you around the course using the camera to match the image of what you are looking for.  You can then add in other elements such as quizzes or polls.  I added in maths sums for him to solve before he could move on.

IMG_0108 IMG_0110

We made a simple course around the house and he loved it, he ended up playing it over and over again which was great as it helped him memorise the sums, which was what he was struggling to do.

Next steps are to make one in our local park so he gets to explore a wider area.

So how can you use this in school?  Well if you make a course you can create a QR code for students to find the course, the app on their device then guides them around.  At the same time the information gets sent back to your iPad showing you what the answers are and the progress that is being made.

IMG_0109 IMG_0107 IMG_0106

You could set this up with differentiated questions for the learners.  It incorporates physical activity, literacy and numeracy so is a great tool for developing skills.  A fun way to make numeracy practical.

As a side note we also used the app Heads Up to create a set of cards with the same sums and played that.  Such a simple way to have fun with the maths and set new challenges.



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